I know its bad but a kill file?! OH SCANDAL!!!


Oh Scandal take me away! Olivia Pope and her team might be the best fixers there are — but can they”fix” her nightmare?

Season 2 ended with a “happy” career driven woman on the path to a new life, free of her own personal drama called Mr. President. Head phones loud, a smile on her face, me and the television audience cheering for her and then…”Daddy?!” OH HELL NO!

The new promo for Season 3, which premieres Oct. 3, shows how things get way out of control after her affair with the president is revealed. But who told?! And the new promo with her and hunky Fitz in some kind of basement talking about “making a plan?” Cut to the next scene and dear old dad is warning Olivia, “They will gut you and everyone you know.” And THEN Cyrus’s reaction? Wait for it……..

“Start a kill folder on Olivia Pope.” Bastard! Cold blooded! Heartless! Do I need to say more?

Also, don’t forget Lisa Kudrow will be joining Olivia and her cohorts too! Believable? Will she be a friend or enemy? Why do I have flashbacks of “smelly cat, smeeeellly cat”?

Scandal returns for it’s third season on Thursday, Oct. 3 at 9 p.m. on ABC.


One thought on “I know its bad but a kill file?! OH SCANDAL!!!

  1. I am a Gladiator. ..so I know they will work this thing just as always… BTW did you see who the next client is. Oooooo

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