RUNDOWN: Blacklist – I’ve got 99 problems and a bitch ain’t one


Holy Blacklist! NBC’s new Monday Night drama premiered last night with rave reviews from critics and high ratings. No surprise there! I feel like I have been seeing the ominous previews for this drama for months. And James Spader can definitely draw a crowd let’s not forget.

The premise is pretty simple…on paper. The Blacklist revolves around one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives, Raymond “Red” Remmington (Spader) who offers to help the the authorities if a particular rookie agent, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) is his partner.

The Blacklist’s opening hour is so good and Spader’s acting so controlled and his character compelling. The first episode does what any new TV drama is supposed to do. It establishes an interesting story and makes the viewer want to tune in the next week, if only to see what happens next. The chemistry between Spader and TV newcomer Boone is remarkable. Their is definitely more then meets the eye with both characters. His creepy knowledge of her life and the intense way he watches her. I’m taking a giant leap here and guessing their is more to Raymond “Red” Remmington’s obsession with Agent Keen then meets the eye. I was just waiting for James Spader to say “well hello Clarice” at one point. Perhaps the connection could be familial? We will see but I do love saying, “I was right!”

My two favorite parts last night were  both in the end sequence. One with Red in cuffs saying to Agent Keen, ” We’re going to make a great team.” Completely nonplussed by he fact he is in a holding cell and handcuffed to a chair. And my other favorite moment is when Agent Keen finds her “husbands box of goodies! If you want to know what is in the box of goodies then you’ll have to tune in! No spoilers here folks! But well…jaw dropping. And as she looks in the mystery box the end titles roll with a folky version of “99 Problems”. It was PERFECT!!

So viewers what do you think? Will Blacklist be this falls best new drama? Or did NBC put all their bang in the premiere episode?

The Blacklist airs Monday nights on NBC at 9