Lady Gaga’s “Venus” to drop October 27Th


Lady Gaga’s next number one hit Venus, ok maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself but its GAGA, hits iTunes on October 27th. Two words…Thank YOU! I mean I love “Applause” and it has done really well being one of three of her hits to have the most radio play. But I am ready to move on. I’m a Little Monster and will defend Gaga to the death, but sometimes it is all too much. Alas the track list reveal? Anybody? ANYBODY? Since we have yet to hear Venus (please no early leak drama) as it wasn’t part of the iTunes festival performance I think many of us thought Manicure or Sexx Dreams may have been the next release. I know I am a huge Sexx Dreams fan. The singing, the talking, the “it was kind of nasty, it was kind of trashy” is just what radio needs! Mother Monster can you hear me?! But she never disappoints me or all of the other Little Monsters. So here is to Venus and the multiple radio plays and success it will assuredly get. Too bad Katy Perry already put all of her eggs in one basket and released all of her singles within a month of each other! Meow!

So lets hear it Little Monsters! Will Venus be Gaga’s next hit?