NBC Brings Dracula Back To Life!


NBC is putting a new spin on a classic story of love, loss, and horror and finally jumping on the vampire train.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is best known for his role as King Henry VIII in The Tudors, will be playing the role of Dracula. In this reboot of the classic tale, Jonathan Rhys Meyers will essentially be playing three roles.

He will be portraying Vlad Tepes, the man who violently lost the love of his life many years ago, Dracula, the monster who is out for blood soaked revenge, and Alexander Grayson, the façade that Dracula puts on for the world as he attempts to gain footing in the world of commerce. The series will catch up with Dracula as he arrives in London posing as American Entrepreneur Alexander Grayson, a man who wants to bring modern science to a Victorian Society, however, his real intentions are something much more sinister. His true intention is to wreak havoc and bloody revenge on those who cursed him with his immortality and took away the thing he loved the most…his wife. There is only one thing that can stand in the way of his goal. Dracula comes upon a woman who poses a striking resemblance to his since deceased wife, and falls hopelessly in love with her.

So what do you think? Is the vampire craze over and NBC is a little to late? Or will this be the next must see vamp drama?

Dracula premieres on NBC October 25th 8/9c