RUNDOWN: A.H.S Coven – A Supremes Work is Never Done


Tonight’s American Horror Story certainly wasn’t short on the crazy. We had reunions gone wrong, first meetings gone awry and goodbyes gone completely south. (MAJOR SPOILERS) 

Lets air it all out guys:

– We start out the episode with a great flashback to Fiona in the 70’s. Through this, we learn that any potential supreme exhibits multiple abilities prior to them taking the throne. Of course, to absolutely no one’s surprise – Fiona killed the previous supreme. That bitch!

–  Zoe, like the idiot that she is, goes to visit Kyle’s mother. What is the deal with this girl?! She has about two brain cells working in her head. She ominously tells the mom that she’ll see Kyle once again. Ugh! OFF WITH HER HEAD!!

– Well hello to the new hottie moving in next door to the coven! The girls are all salivating over him while standing out on their luxurious New Orleans balcony. Nan and Madison do the nice thing and bring a lemon cake over to the hottie. Did no one else love the fact that Nan clearly knew he loved lemon cake because of her clairvoyant powers? Can we make them a couple asap?

– Of course things go south when they meet hottie’s super religious, over-protective mother. Madison also throws a knife at her head then exhibits a completely new power when she burns down the drapes. OoooOOOOOoooooh!!

– The entire sequence of LaLaurie learning that our current President is African-American is absolutely HILARIOUS! I also loved when Fiona came and laid the smackdown – “I voted for him – twice.” Hahahaha! Not only that, but she tops it off by making LaLaurie work as Queenie’s new slave. “There’s nothing I hate more than a racist.” ::Z-SNAP + neck-roll::

– Can we please talk about how creepy the Misty Day character is?!? Her need to have someone to love or take care of is absolutely sad yet completely frightening at the same time. This girl is a time-bomb waiting to go off. TICK TICK TICK.

– The doctor to Cordelia when he tells her she can’t have a baby – “I wish I could wave a magic wand.” Sometimes the dialogue on this show is hilarious.

– Zoe brings Franken-Kyle to his mom. First of all – why are you so dumb Zoe? Second of all, it’s heartwarming to see the mom grab Kyle and pull him in when she sees him at the front door. We know from earlier in the episode he was a good kid that took care of her when his dad left but then we learn……….SHE’S RAPING HIM!! UGH!! I couldn’t have been the only one to be happy when Franken-Kyle bashed her head in. Good riddance!

– Joan vs. Fiona: Oh dear, how could we possibly take Lange vs. Bates, Bassett vs. Lange and now we have Lupone vs. Lange. Did I die and go to gay heaven?!

– “She done messed with the wrong witch. She know it, and now you know it.” BOOM. ROASTED. Now go run-tell-dat Cordelia! Angela Bassett once again brings it with what little screen time she got this week.

–  Can we talk about the Minotaur and Queenie scene? Lawd, was I not the only one that felt completely awkward during it? I mean, I absolutely got the meaning behind it – she needs love, the minotaur guy wanted love – I absolutely get it but man was that not just completely weird. Whatever, it’s American Horror Story. Right when you think they’re going all the way, she gets kidnapped by him? I’m sensing a decision between the coven and the voodoo coming with Queenie.

And the big moment this week…

– FINOA KILLS MADISON! We kept getting the hints throughout this entire episode that Madison could be the new supreme and you knew as soon as Fiona found out, she was a done deal. I’m not particularly surprised by this move in the least – from what I’ve heard AHS kills big characters off all the time. The only question is – Did Fiona really kill the new supreme? Methinks – NOPE!

Well, that was quite an episode for us tonight people. Looks like things are starting to ramp up next week with Fiona falling under investigation for killing another witch. Until next time folks!